Base Coat Nail Salon

Base Coat is a nail salon fighting to raise the standards of clean, ethical beauty.

My Role: 
Lead Designer / Packaging Designer

Creative Direction:
Joshua Wills

Art Direction:
Dan Quay

Additional Support:
Dylan Fowler - Hand Illustrations & Patterns
Kyle Muhr - Photography/Art Direction

Consume & Create

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We were tasked to develop a label system and badging elements that would speak to their nurturing approach to beauty as well as the plant-based ingredients Base Coat use's to craft their products. Utilizing a natural live edge we're able to connect our product to the natural world, along with connecting them to eachother.

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On the labels, I incorporated live edges, which were inspired by organic forms found in the natural world. To create these unique, distinctive edges, I resorted to a lo-fi approach: tearing paper.
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