Belly of the Beast - On the Road with Sticky Fingers

Belly of the Beast follows Australian Legends, Sticky Fingers from their early years of being a band to touring the world headlining arenas and all the misadventures along the way.

My Role:
Book Design & Layout, Chapter Title Type Treatments

Cover & Interior Illustration:
Sam Clouston

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This story is told from the perspective of their close friend, Nelson as he's joined them all over the world as they've grown as a band. From the early days playing backyards at home in Australia, to drug fueled hotel parties on tour, he's seen it all.

One of the early visions for the book, the band wanted each chapter to take on its own identity. We landed on giving each chapter it's own title type treatment. It was a blast getting to experiment with type and push the expression in each of these; and from the Stickies, nothing was off the table.

Throughout the book we placed 4 separate photo sections to encapsulate the band in a different eras. This posed an interesting production task of switching between regular stock and gloss.

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Our illustrator, Sam drew a ton of spot illustrations that live throughout the text to compliment the stories told.
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