My Role:
Lead Designer

Creative Direction:
Joshua Wills

Art Direction/Monogram:
Dan Quay

Consume & Create

Label Photography:
Jack Ludlam

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In the early stages of our (Consume & Create) relationship with The Family Jones, we developed their Brand ID along with a suite of labels.
In this phase of the project, I developed the logo type.

After two years of patiently waiting, The Family Jones has finally introduced their Bourbon & Rye to the world. Meet Atticus & Ella Jones.
To celebrate the time and patience that went into creating these Colorado whiskeys, I was tasked to evolve their label system.


The concept behind Family Jones is that each spirit is a member of the “family.” Initially, I pitched the concept of using photographs of hands to represent each family member and tell their story.
The best part of these photoshoots was getting to know the stories of the people we worked with. This is James, a 90 year old who has seen and lived through it all. He's one of those guys who you could talk with for hours.


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