New Belgium - Torched Earth

Torched Earth Ale was a beer released by Fat Tire on Earth Day 2021. They did this to show the world what the future of beer will be like if we don't get more fortune 500 companies to commit to meaningful plans in regards to addressing climate change.

My Role:
Lead Designer/Animator

Creative Direction:
Joshua Wills

Dylan Fowler

Consume & Create

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I was super fortunate to come into this project right as New Belgium had developed a new fun and engaging style. Using this as a springboard, I was able to take pre-existing elements and really run with the whole project. I loved creating key frames and storyboards, and bringing the the final animation to completion with a narrative feature and sound effects. 

This type of project and client are the perfect combination. Getting to create work that helps spread a positive message, and doing it with a team extremely passionate about stopping climate change is a dream come true. 

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